The J2 Project is a satire that explores what might happen if Jesus Christ were cloned. Through a series of faked TV clips and interviews, we witness the story of J2, a simple man who has lived an exceptional life.   We start with an evangelist who preaches that the time for the Second Coming is at hand and that Man has the tools to make it happen. Years later we catch up with the key players in the events that followed: the head scientist on the cloning project, the corrupt Cardinal who split from the Catholic Church to exploit the project, the clone's shrink who considers himself a father figure, and J2 himself. It seems J2 is destined to meet with as much opposition and controversy as did his genetic ancestor.


The J2 Project received High Honors and won the Best Film Prize at Wesleyan University. Since then it has made a modest festival circuit, having played at both New York and LA's International Independent Film and Video Festival, New York's Arlene Grocery Picture Show, The University of California's Cintax Film Forum, and The 5th Annual Tromadance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (where it attracted viewers from the neighboring Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals). Ain't it Cool News called The J2 Project "Brilliant," and the film has been released on DVD as part of the Best of Tromadance Vol. 3 compilation (available on Amazon.com).


The son of a circus clown and an opera singer, Alex Horwitz has worked in New York film production on projects such as Across the Universe, Spider-Man 3, and Martin Scorsese's Rolling Stones documentary, Shine a Light. Alex recently completed the script for a sci-fi adaptation of Oedipus Rex. He also collaborated with Tony-winning Broadway composer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights) on a feature-length screenplay, Basket Case, a musical about a school shooting set to hit songs of the 90's. More recently, he co-produced House of Satisfaction, an upcoming independent feature. At Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Alex was a member of Desperate Measures, an improvisational comedy troupe that set an informal college record in 2001 by performing unscripted for 24 consecutive hours. He put his improvisational skills to work on the making of J2. He is currently finishing work on Alice Jacobs is Dead, a zombie love story starring John La Zar and Adrienne Barbeau. Alex is an avowed purveyor of all things geek, and writes Bite Me Fanblog whenever the Muse takes him.










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